Ladies and gentlemen
Sobański Company is a modern business manufacturing high-quality window and door joinery run by Sobański family.

To manufacture our products. We use carefully selected materials which have the highest physical parameters. The technology of three-layer plywood has high physical parameters such as: bending, shrinking or warping resistance along with high humidity tolerance. We possess modern warehouses which allow us to manufacture windows of any shape with curves and muntins: inner bars, outer bars, glued-on, Vienna.

Owing to highly professional managers and staff we also manufacture customized windows for monumental and antique buildings or churches. Even though our company possesses modern machinery we put emphasis on manual cleaning and finishing our products, combining handicraft with the most modern European technolgies. This unique solution enables us to meet restorers’ requirements, as well as art connoisseurs’.

Windows and doors are manufactured in our company are in accordance to Technical Approval AT-15-2948/00, Certificate of Compliance No  7/02 and Higenic Certificate no HK/B1582/01/2001.

Our company offers professional advice and transport, along with qualified and experineced assembly team. We provide 5-year-long guarantee for our windows.